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Kids Playing

ASA is where kids love to play!

We are a year-round, licensed childcare program, serving families in our community with children entering Kindergarten through fifth grade. This program offers exceptional childcare that parents can trust and kids love!

When school is out, ASA is open, offering Adventures for after school, most holidays, teacher work days, and a limited summer program for qualifying families.

What People Say about ASA…

“We know the care and attention that you give our children every day, at the end of a long hard [school] day, is exactly what they need.” 

Pam Pottle


“I have really enjoyed sending my son to ASA this year. He feels a sense of belonging and has created wonderful bonds with the counselors.”  (Parent)

“The staff make the kids feel welcome, and that they belong. They also teach them responsibility in a way that always gives them an opportunity for success.” (Parent)

“The van picks my daughter up at school, and brings her right here to camp. She always comes back with a smile on her face.” (Parent)

“I like ASA because I have a lot of friends, and it is the best place ever.” (Kid)

“We see a lot of impact in kids both in school and out. For instance we share students that sometimes might struggle in school and at ASA and we rely on your experience with those students to help find a way to help keep them focused on learning in schools and then also transitioning to ASA and after school as well.”  (Geneva Principal)

“We absolutely love it. The staff is awesome. It’s a fun place, it’s a safe place, and we couldn’t ask for anything better.”


“The thing I love about working at ASA is that it’s more than just providing care and a fun environment for kids. We get to come alongside them, celebrate who they are, and help them grow into the person God has planned for their life.” 


“I like going to ASA because you can play with stations like doll house and hot wheels and you can go to the field and woods to play.”  (Kid)

“I like to come to ASA because I like the adventures and all the toys here that you can play with.” (Kid)

“What I love about ASA is that a bunch of different schools come here, and I make a bunch of friends from different schools.” (Kid)

“What I like about ASA is that my kids are supported and loved by a variety of wonderful staff members. I like that it is all embedded in a Christ centered approach and sets great examples for my kids and teaches them excellent lessons. They surround them with love. They support them when they need them. They give them behavioral support and always let them know that we care about you and we want to keep you safe. I love having my kids here, and I trust everyone here. I know that they are going to have a good time, and also be taken care of.”


"Play is the serious work of heaven."  ~C.S. Lewis

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After School Adventure 

4605 Cable Street
Bellingham, WA 98229